Their presence is very good.

Believe you can change the reality around you, you can alter the weather around you, you can make the environment a place where he lives with peace and harmony and enjoyable for everyone, a place where everyone's wish , and stay around, enjoying his warm presence.

Christ when he lived his ministry, he has changed, altered diverse environments where He went, his presence was noted, because it gave off a sweet fragrance, not a perfume of herbs and plants uprooted from nature, or manipulated in laboratories, plus the sweet smell Jesus left that aromatizava every environment where he was, was their Peace, Sweet Love for his people, his gentle way of treating people that He came before.

This was the largest fragrance of Jesus; Perfume that few have these days, the scent that much of the world population is needed because the world sucks violence, imudicias, genocide, hatred, terror and curse.

The scent of Jesus was extremely fragrant, as many are squeezed to approach him, to touch, and so get some of that sweet perfume.

Be like Jesus, and wonderful perfume perfume flashy and fragrant, people were happy with their presence, people wanted to be with him to hear him speak, cried for you to stay longer with them, why did you leave the environment different and cozy.

Before leaving home, perfume with the fragrance of Jesus of Nazareth, and you'll see the difference.

May the Lord bless you.

Prophet Rosal


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