Guilty or innocent?

According to an old legend that in the Middle Ages was a very religious man unjustly accused of murdering a woman.

In fact, the author was an influential person in the kingdom and therefore from the very beginning, we tried a "scapegoat" to cover up the real killer.

The man was brought to trial, fearing the result: the gallows. He knew that everything would be done to condemn him and had little chance to live out this story.

The judge, who was also agreed to take the poor man's death, feigned a fair trial by making a proposal to the accused to prove his innocence.

Said the judge:

- I am a deeply religious and so I'll leave his fate in the hands of the Lord. I'll write a piece of paper the word INNOCENT and another piece the word GUILTY. You randomly choose one of the roles and who will leave the verdict. The Lord will decide his fate.

Without realizing that the accused, the judge prepared the two roles, but both wrote GUILTY so that at that moment there was no chance to get rid of the accused from the gallows. There was no output. There was no alternative for the poor man.

The judge put the two papers on a table and ordered the accused to choose one. The man thought for several seconds and sensing the "vibration" confidently approached the table, grabbed one of the roles and quickly placed in the mouth and swallowed. The present trial responded to the surprised and indignant at the attitude of the man:

- But what did you do? And now? How do we know what your verdict?

- It is very easy, the man replied.

- Just look at the other piece is left and I just know that swallowing the contrary. Immediately the man was released.

Moral Story:

As hard as it is a situation not stop believing until the last moment. Know that for every problem there is always a way out. Do not give up, do not check the points, do not be beat. Hold on, go ahead despite everything and everyone. Believe you can achieve. Be victorious in any circumstance!

Author Unknown

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