God's plan for your life

                The Lord God has drawn a wonderful plan for our lives, He has a special way for each of us, His will is expressed in His word, more individually, we have different ways and very different from each other.
                But it's up to you to discover what God has in store for his life in particular, but I'm sure that is the best you can imagine, living in abundance and happiness that is your purpose for men, from the beginning was so.
                Seek God, ask Him, and look for what's best for you, because these things are in store for you to us by the Lord.
                Jesus in his sermons, exemplified what a father does not want anything bad to his children, now imagine you Father which is in heaven?
                Believe the best of the land God has in store for you and your family, take hold of it, and live the desires of the Lord in His fullness.
                May the Lord bless you.
                                                                        Prophet Rosal

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